eXPD8 Ireland entered into a partnership with Lites Group

eXPD8 Ireland in partnership with Lites Group

We are delighted to announce that eXPD8 Ireland have entered into an exciting working partnership arrangement with Lites Group.

Lites Group is a full-service merchandising company with over 25 years of experience and a track record of providing first class field marketing services to their high-profile client base.  They have a traditional Irish heritage and are owned and run by Aidan O’Brien and Martin Duffy who have a wealth of experience in merchandising, sales & promotional management.

The partnership between eXPD8 Ireland and Lites Group will enable a broader range of complementary services and support to be offered to our existing clients and potential new clients.  Combining forces presents an opportunity to strengthen the service offering in order to deliver innovative ideas to meet clients’ strategic objectives and grow both of our position in the Irish market.

We believe that Lites Group are a natural partner for eXPD8 Ireland with their ethos for quality and service excellence and a commitment to delivering the very best for their people. The partnership will offer both companies’ employees a fantastic opportunity to access more hours, more security and gain a chance to work across a variety of brands and retail outlets whilst undertaking a breadth of tasks on behalf of our clients.

We are committed to growing the business together and building our reputation as an industry leader with leading edge technology systems underpinned by a focus on quality processes and outcomes.

The intention is that the partnership will officially commence from 1st January 2018, however we will seek out joint support opportunities immediately if practical and advantageous to our clients. Our aim is that as of 1st January 2018 all work undertaken in Ireland will be under the Lites Group name and all work in the UK will be under the eXPD8 Ltd name.

We are delighted to share this news as it represents a unique opportunity to grow both businesses and cement our offering in the Irish market.

Mark Thurgood and Peter Bailey

Directors eXPD8 Ireland & eXPD8 Ltd.