Average compliance achieved
Number of Stores visited
Amount of POS sited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

  • 1,840 fixtures replenished each week
  • 80 stores weekly

Our response

  • Regular callage into top Toys R Us stores.
  • Weekly updates on low/out of stocks and hero line stock availability.
  • Photographs taken of each brand category in store to support display status and demonstrate evidence of POS and TV screens on fixture.
  • Activated existing trained TRU team in stores with good instore relationships and store trust who are authorised access to stock.
  • Regular hours in TRU allows us to utilise teams with good knowledge of the stores, layout and processes, ensuring an efficient and productive call.
  • Crib sheets provided with images of products for ease of out of stock logging and allow a checklist for replenishment.